Kittamaqundi Community is an independent, ecumenical Christian community that welcomes everyone, whoever you are and however you got here.
People of all races, ethnicities, political views, sexual orientation, religious and educational backgrounds and abilities are valued members of our community.

Oliver's Carriage House
5410 Leaf Treader Way, Columbia, MD

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Kittamaqundi Community Church
at historic Oliver's Carriage House

Rev. Heather Kirk-Davidoff, enabling minister


Sunday Worship Service: 10 am
Sunday School : 10-11:15 am

Everyone is welcome here!

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We've created a Sacred Garden ...

... honoring a true Columbia visionary, Libby Rouse.

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Kittamaqundi Community Church has created a sacred garden at our home - Oliver's Carriage House. It is a place for quiet reflection and joyous celebration, a place that invites everyone to come and experience the wonder of God's creation.

A prominent feature of our new garden is a statue honoring Libby Rouse, whose longing for community as a child helped inspire the ideas that became incorporated into the new town called Columbia. Sculpted by her son Jimmy Rouse, the statue depicts Libby as a young girl alongside her cherished dog.

Together with her husband, James Rouse, Libby Rouse was a true visionary and pioneer of the concepts used in the development of Columbia. They also were part of a small group of worshippers from Washington, D.C.'s Church of the Savior who founded what would become Kittamaqundi Community Church.

Today, 45 years later, we are an independent, Christian community of about 125 people, worshiping, laughing, praying, crying and singing together in the heart of Columbia's Town Center.